Completing this course

Exciting new format announced for learning in Covid-19 times

  • 95% Online

    95% of our course is now online working at your own pace. There is a requirement for a student to 'demonstrate in person' knowledge of the skills required for certification

  • Practical Module

    We will do this at scheduled dates and by appointment. It will be a one on one with the instructor. This session will not be longer than 90 minutes. The online section needs to be completed prior to attending the practical

  • Learning Hours

    There is approximately 7 hours tuition in the online section. You will also have digital access to the accompanying manual to become familiarize yourself with alongside the online section

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Strive to be the person your dog believes you are

About the Course

Many of us attend human first aid courses and now you can attend one to give you skills to help your dog

  • Only Globally Recognized Course

    The content of this course far exceeds other more basic courses out there yet it is taught in a fun way that makes learning easy. It is the only Canine First Responder Course with a globally recognized 2 year certificate. Included with this course are a Comprehensive First Aid Kit and a Printed Manual.

  • Realistic Skills Practice

    It provides realistic CPR practice on a canine manikin. During this course you will learn Primary and Secondary First Aid skills. Our Instructors are trainers and professionals in the Canine World. Our Canine First Responder Course Curriculum is the Only Course Approved by Emergency First Response, the Fastest Growing Certification Agency Worldwide for First Aid and CPR training

  • For anyone who cares about dogs

    This course is aimed at anyone with an interest in dogs. Whether you are a pet owner , dog walker, groomer, kennels, boarding facility or just have a general interest in dogs these skills are important to know. Hopefully you will never need them but if you do you will have a rehearsed plan to guide you

Course curriculum

  • 2

    Preloaded learning

    • The begining of your course

    • Student Manual

    • Reviews and Quiz

  • 3

    What is a Canine First Responder ?

    • What is a Canine First Responder ?

  • 4

    Aftercare of the Canine First Responder

    • Important things to consider after using your skills

  • 5

    Primary Care Overview

    • Dealing with situations that are potentially life threatening to the animal

  • 6

    Secondary Care Overview

    • Moving on to situations that are not immediately life threatening to the animal

  • 7

    All set to continue on your journey

    • Canine First Aid Ireland

  • 8

    Primary Care First Segment

    • Play & Read before proceeding

    • Canine First Responder Presentation

    • Primary Care - Scene Assessment

    • Bonus Scene Assessment Section

    • Primary Care - Barriers

    • Bonus Barriers Section

    • Primary Care - Muzzling

    • Bonus Muzzling Section

    • What could have happened ? The cause of injury or illness may not be apparent

  • 9

    Primary Care - safely progressing to checking the patient

    • Primary Assessment - ABC's

    • Bonus Primary Assessment ABC's Section

    • Primary Care - Rescue Breaths and CPR

    • Bonus Rescue Breaths & CPR Section

    • Primary Care - Choking

    • Bonus Choking Section

    • Response Nudge

  • 10

    Primary Care - Final Segment ~ three S's

    • Primary Care - Serious Bleed

    • Primary Care- Shock

    • Primary Care - Spinal

    • Bonus Section 3 S's

    • Bandaging including Serious Bleed Control

  • 11

    Primary Care - Paperwork

    • Primary Care Knowledge Review

  • 12

    Secondary Care - Illness & Injury

    • Secondary Care

  • 13

    Bonus Bandaging Section

    • Helpful Skills - Ear & Tail Bandaging

  • 14

    Secondary Care Paperwork

    • Secondary Care Knowledge Review

  • 15

    Wrapping up the Skills Demonstrations

    • What's next ?

  • 16

    Course Completion Paper Work

    • Quick quiz

    • Statement of Understanding

  • 17

    Final Step

    • Practical Skills Module

    • Book your Practical Skills Module

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Strive to be the person your dog believes you are